iMining Technologies is helping to shape the Canadian blockchain and Cryptocurrency ecosystem. We are a driving force and a huge contributor in bringing the proof of stake technology to market.

Incorporating a proprietary, best-in-class, staking, investing and mining process, iMining ensures robust security, reliability and scalability; while removing the technical complexity of deploying, managing validators, holding, or investing in Cryptocurrencies.






Institutional Investors

0 2008

Year of Establishment

Our Values

We seek out practical and vetted use-cases of decentralized blockchain applications and solutions. We are generating a sustainable revenue stream through participating in securing the most trusted and tested blockchain application in existence.

Our Approach

We are driven by our core values, to operate with transparency, efficiency, and sustainability while leveraging our capital markets experience. We reinvest in the community on the belief that projects focused on social impact generate the greatest overall reward.

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